Control Box


1. Automatic Lighting: LED light automatically switches on when the door is activated and switches off after 60 seconds, that’s easy for move at night.
2. Automatic Closing: The door can be set the Automatic closing function from 0 to 90 seconds, this automatic close timer will ensure that your door will close automatically. (suitable in garage door type).

Automatic against theft: Optional intruder alarms, alarms will be activated by sensor. An excellent deterrent to potential intruders.

 Automatic Disaster Prevention: Smoke detectors can be installed as optional, the door automatically open when fire happening.

 Automatic Safety Reverse
For added safety, each installation comes with this automated feature that causes the garage door to immediately stop and reverse when it comes into contact with an object. Also, if obstructed while opening, it automatically stops.






2.HOPING CODE 40億組跳碼式提高安全性,配合軟硬體設計智慧結晶