Zincalume Roller Door


The hidden designed operator with spring assisted mechanism offers precise balance makes opening and closing your door effortless but high speed. In addition to has a nylon felt running strip for smooth operation with minimal noise and friction, SunU rolling doors are specifically designed with wide range of colors to show your aesthetics of living.

It is suitable for residential, commercial buildings, car parks, motels, and cargo lifts doors.

  • Automatic and Safety
    The rolling door is safety. The operator will stop if operating encounter resistance.

  • Fast and Quiet
    DC motor combines with interval design. Both sides of the door install hard-wearing nylon in order to increase the speed and prevent noise.

  • Attractive and durable
    The rolling door uses the special antirust technology. It is more durable and artistic.

  • Secure against Power Failure
    The door can switch into manual operation while losing electrical power.

  • Simple and easy setting
    The door has the patent for the speed location device, it is fast and convenient.

  • Add on Feature
    The rolling door system can combine with the central control system, electric eye, smoke detector, and siren. 


產品類別 產品名稱/規格 產品編號 說明
三角架   三角架 P03431 一般型
三角架(C型鋼專用) P03431-1 有立「C型鋼」,需搭配此款使用
加長型三角架 P04801 有架「封箱固定架」、「彎柱」,需搭配此款使用
ST擋片   P03441  
配重板   P03480  
邊柱 ST1.0快速捲門邊柱 P03553  
  錏1.0快速捲門邊柱 P04040  
封箱板   牙白雙立體封箱板0.7 P04601  
純白雙立體封箱板0.7 P04601-1  
ST雙立體封箱板0.7 P04602  
側封板  烤漆牙白側封板 P04614  
白鐵側封板 P04615  
修邊  烤漆封板修邊∟ P04613  
白鐵封板修邊∟ P04673  
 封箱固定架    P04612  
快速門零件包   P04168  
彈簧扭力調整器   P04954  
鋁合金中柱 鋁合金中柱 8尺 P03705 0.5尺進位,以此類推
  鋁合金中柱 8.5尺 P04232  
手拉門配件 日本鎖加丸條 P04175  
  ST信口 P00711  
  ST暗閂 P01981  
  錏暗閂 P01979  
手拉門零件 U型螺絲(附螺帽) P03559  
  鑄鐵銑仔座(厚) P03570