AC Gate Operator - Chain Type

AC Gate Operator - Chain Type

1.All the transmission products made by our company have oil seal devices in the open structure to avoid the lube oil from leaking out, which deserve a high precision and stability.

2.Increasing the structure of worm gear, it can more benefit high turning transmission. Adopted by high lubrication, low noise, low wear and tear, no need to change oil.

3.The shaft of power is adopted double round button to the motor heat while exposed by sun. The heat will expel from the equipment.

4.The motor has been equipped with temperature control device to increase motor's endurance on normal operation. There is no need to install fuse on it, very convenient and safe maintaining with.

5.1 For added safety, safety edge device as optional that can automatic Safety Reverse. This automated feature that causes the sliding gate to immediately stop and reverse when it comes into contact with an object. Also, if obstructed while opening, it automatically stops.

相數/頻率 單相-60Hz
極 數 6
型 號 1/2 HP 1 HP
輸出功率 246W 250W 373W 375W
電 壓 110V 220V 110V 220V
電 容 器 70-250 20-400 70-250 20-400

電 流 4.94A 2.36A 3.84A 2.98A
滿載轉速 1042 1050 886 950
輸出轉速 30.6 30 26 28
效率EFF 47.65% 48.42% 50.74% 57.08%
馬達出線 4 3 3 3
橫向荷重 500KG 1000KG
減 速 比 34:1
行進速度 160/秒

行進速度計算基礎:輸出30轉/分 大門輪5”Ø106