D10 Rolling Shutter Operator


1. Reducer: Increase the gear size to load heavier rolling door.
2. Mounting Base: Base mount insert with bearing, the output shaft bearing both ends to increase the durability.
3. Break System: Special coil winding design to increase the break capacity.


型號 D10
功率Power 580W
極數Poles 6
荷重Load 900KG/5”
電壓Voltage 220V

滿載電流Full load current

電容器Capacitors 220/90uF-250V
齒輪箱Reducer D10
重量Weight 39.4KG
尺寸Dimensions 294×250×606
減速比Ratio 69
輸出轉速RPM 60HZ/17RPM
主動輪 Driver Gear

雙排Double Gear 60×11T

單排Single Gear 80×9T
從動輪 Driven Gear

雙排Double Gear 60×48T

單排Single Gear 80×40T


型號 D10
離心盤 (舊型)700KG~1HP
剎車線圈 220V(600KG~1HP平行)
電磁開關 220V
手拉鍊條 10M
押扣線 5M
限制開關 600KG~1HP
腳座 3/L鍊式(大型)