D20 Rolling Shutter Operator


1. Reducer: Heavy duty machinery reducer.
2. Break System: Pull down the release lever, rolling door will close down.
3. Limited Switch: Combine with 2 limit switch for higher rolling door.


型號 D20
馬力Horsepower 2HP/1.5kw
極數Poles 4
電壓Voltage 3Ø-220V/380V
電流Ammeter 5.77A/3.34A
荷重Load 1800KG/6”
重量Weight 69KG
尺寸Dimensions 730×290×470
減速比DecelerationRatio 120
輸出轉速RPM 60HZ/14.2RPM
主動輪Driver Gear /從動輪Driven Gear

雙排Double Gear 60×15T→60T

單排Single Gear 80×12T→46T